Welcome to Kiel Rugby

By bike to Flensburg or with an open platformtruck to Hamburg in October? Anyone who played rugby in Kiel in the fifties, such actions were on the 'agenda'.

Soon after the Second World War, one of the rugby veterans from Kiel in the Kieler Nachrichten called for a new beginning of what had already developed well before the war. The navy and shipyards played rugby at the beginning of the 30s and then the 1st Kiel Rugby Football Club was founded together. After the war, it went with the autumn season of 1949 with three Kiel teams (1st Kiel Rugby Football Club, Post Sport Club, F.T. Adler) in the championship round with the Hamburg teams. A particularly important role in the reconstruction of the rugby in Kiel was played by Holtenau-based British soldiers of the 29th Field Regiment, especially associated with the name of the British Captain Townsend. From the beginning there was a lively exchange and friendly relations, which was supported by the 3rd half which has always been important in rugby.

Nowadays the Professor-Peters-Platz on Westring is the center of rugby in Kiel. Home games and training take place here. Kielrugby is an international club and over the years had players from all over the world.


Kielrugby has a a senior 1st XV in Germany´s second division, a ladies team, a youth team as well as an Old Boys Team.


On the penultimate weekend in June, Kielrugby hosts the Schietwettercup, a 7s tournament with teams from all over Germany and Europe, which takes place during the famous Kiel week.